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The Jessies. Handmade leather earrings.

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Licclefreak Loves... the Nineties.

Introducing the Jessies. Part of a celebratory collection of everything that was cool when I grew up.

Lightweight leather earrings. Hand cut and hand painted by Licclefreak. Stainless steel fish hooks. Geometric. Splattered. Every outcome is uniquely made for you, no two are identical. 

The triangle is up to 5cm on the longest side. The triangles you recieve will match but may not be identical in shape to the photographs.

Pictured in the ‘Splattered’ colour. Available in splattered, block colours or mix and match with 1 splatter & 1 block colour. 

A silver plated hoop closure can be used instead of fish hooks if you have stretchers. Please request at checkout.