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Licclefreak loves... Christmas trees

Posted by Charlotte Whitehead on

Licclefreak Loves Christmas tree. Pink Christmas. Pastel Christmas.

January is a truly miserable time of year isn’t it? We’ve had a glorious month of glitter, fairy lights and tinsel to dress up the dark nights and gloomy weather. Then bang! January 2nd is upon us. Back to work, back to school. Those of us that weren’t nursing a monumental hangover probably took down the decorations yesterday. The rest of us, well, the task is mentally noted on the to do list, to be done at some point in the not too distant future. For me that means in as many days time as I can possibly leave it, riding the fine line between eccentricity and sheer laziness.

Licclefreak Loves Christmas. Black Christmas Tree. Rainbow Christmas Tree. Kitsch Christmas.

I went on a Christmas binge this year. Four fully decorated trees in four unique colour schemes. I kid you not. Sitting here on New Years day, the great take down day looming ahead of me I’m thinking, sod it, I’m going to keep my decorations up all year. Well, sort of.

Licclefreak Loves Christmas Decorations. Dinosaur Christmas. Kitsch Christmas. Licclefreak Loves Christmas. Christmas tree. Kitsch Christmas.

I am going to move the little tree by the front door, the one Olive almost drags into the front garden every time we go for a walk. I’m going to take down the huge black tree for a few months, leave the cogs to turn and the Pinterest board to grow while I plan for Halloween. It holds some of my favourite decorations but I’m sure a few can be repurposed elsewhere in the house.

Licclefreak Loves. Pink Christmas. Kitsch Christmas. Kawaii Christmas. Licclefreak Loves. Pink Christmas. Pastel Christmas. Kitsch Christmas. Licclefreak Loves Christmas. Kawaii Christmas. Pastel Christmas. Pink Christmas.

The white pencil tree is already about as far from festive as can be. Adorned with flamingo lights, Ice Cream trucks and glittery pink delights, if it didn’t need to be dusted and de-dog-haired I’d pretty much leave it as it is. However, it also seems like a missed opportunity to make something pastel and gorgeous for Valentines. Watch this space.

Licclefreak Loves Christmas. Kawaii Christmas. Pink Christmas. Pastel Christmas. 





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